Week 5 video: Glacier

North Sea flood, 1953

Week 6 video:
   Niagara waterfall

Plastic (called bakelite) invented, 1909

Women over 30 get the right to vote, UK, 1918

Elizabeth II proclaimed queen, 1952

Week 7 video:    Making Englsh pancakes

Pancake Day Shrove Tuesday


Valentine's Day
Ash Wednesday

The UK goes decimal, 1971

Carter opens Tut's tomb, 1923

Week 8 video: Victorian railway

President's Day US public holiday

Orkney and Sheltand given to Scotland by Norway, 1472

World's first self-propelled steam engine, Wales, 1804

First scout camp, 1907

Gutenberg Bible, first book with moveable type, 1455

Week 9 video: Babylon

Radar invented, 1936

 British Labour Party founded, 1900

Last Aztec ruler captured by Spaniard Cortes, 1525